Advantages of the poker room
  • Direct cashback in the room up to 60%
    50% SBR cashback for players who generate $500 of rake per month, 55% SBR cashback for players who generate $500 - $1499 of rake per month, and 60% SBR cashback for players who generate over $1500 of rake per month. Attention! Ipoker network has a SBR system of rake calculation. For this reason, the amount of cashback varies among winning and losing players and can be lower than the given figures. See more information about SBR rakeback calculation in the dedicated thread at our forum. 50% of SBR cashback is transferred to a player’s account in the room on the 5th – 7th date of every month. Additional payment of 5%-10% is made to your Skrill/Neteller purses. If you are sure that you can generate over $500 per month, please provide your Skrill/Neteller purse details to our support team (see registration instruction below).
  • First deposit bonus 200% up to €1000
    Betfair offers 200% bonus to players who make their first deposit, up €1000. For example, if you deposit €10, it is guaranteed that your account will be credited with €20 as a bonus. Bonus funds are transited to a player’s bonus account immediately after he makes this deposit. The bonus is paid out in €10 increments, and the player has 45 days to get its full value. This bonus gives 20% of pure cashback (not SBR!) and is paid out in €10 increments during 45 days.
  • Free €20 for tournament, Spin’n’Go and casino
    Besides the first deposit bonus, Betfair offers its new players a pleasant addition – Welcome Pack: €5 Twister Entry, €10 to purchase tournament tickets, various events at Betfair, and €10 Casino Bonus. You will receive these bonuses immediately after making your first deposit.
  • Sunday tournaments
    Poker room follows good traditions and offers its players an opportunity to win up to €150000 in Sunday tournament with a €1-€150 buy-in.
Extra pluses
  • Partner $10000 rake race for our players
    We conduct a rake race in partnership with a big foreign affiliate. Check the prize funds and participating poker-rooms in a special thread of Betfair section at our forum.
  • Two private €100 Sunday Freerolls
    Take part in our two partner freerolls with the total €200 guarantee, short and insanely weak playing field!
  • Free HUD for Hand2Note
    To get it, you need to1) Leave a request in this topic 2) Write to us in skype: zallyalexandra and send our manager a request in this topic, as well as a printscreen showing your nickname at our website and that you have logged in to PokerAbility.
  • Free pop-ups for HM2
    To get pop-ups, you need to confirm the registration in the poker room and then contact our manager in skype: SupportPA2, using this form: 1. Your nickname at our website 2. Your nickname in the poker room 3. Poker room
  • Free statistics pack for NoteCaddy
    To get this pack, you need to 1) Play in one of our partner rooms 2) Send us a query to get a HUD via skype: PA NoteCaddy 3) Send us your HM license key to track it to NoteCaddy pack

Чтобы зарегистрироваться в руме с привязкой к PokerAbility, сделайте следующее:

1. Введите свой e-mail и получите инструкцию по регистрации
2. Пройдите регистрацию, выполняя все пункты инструкции
3. После регистрации введите свой логин и нажмите "Сохранить"

Внимание! Граждане Российской Федерации не могут получить доступ к ряду покер-румов в соответствии с требованиями РосКомНадзора.

Part of one of the world’s largest poker networks IPoker, Betfair Poker enjoys global popularity and spotless reputation.

For many years now, IPoker has ranked 3rd by the number of cash players. During peak hours, IPoker rooms welcome over 10,000 players.

Betfair Poker offers a wide variety of table limits to cater to all tastes. At any time of day and night, there is no lack of players at low and middle limits from NL5 to N100, as well as middle limits from NL200 to NL1000.

For Omaha lovers, finding opponents is not a problem either. With most players choosing middle limits, there are 7-8 PLO100 and PLO200 tables available at all times.

Speed poker is yet another popular entertainment. In this poker variation, you can fold whenever you want and be moved to a new table and dealt new cards. It’s an ideal choice for those who hate waiting for their opponents to make a move. During peak hours, there are up to 200 people playing Speed poker at NL5-NL100 tables.

According to statistics, plenty of players left PokerStars for iPoker for a number of reasons. First, IPoker offers a bigger cashback. Second, weak players attract cash games regulars to IPoker. And finally, IPoker’s MTTs with guaranteed prize pools are a juicy bait for professional tournament players. Plus, iPoker organizes SNGs and multiple Spin’n’Gos with huge jackpots. To take part in a SNG tournament, you just need to make a deposit of any size. Along with a bonus on 1st deposit, you’ll get a €25 Welcome Pack. Out of €25, you can spend €5 on Twister Entry (same as SNG), €10 on tournament tickets, and the remaining €10 on casino games.  

Software and Tracking

iPoker runs on the platform developed by Playtech, a gaming software giant. Launched in 1999, it has remained top of the game ever since.  

The cutting-edge client software will fascinate even the most picky players. Its major advantages include a functional interface and abundance of handy features, from choosing an avatar to customizing a bet slider. With an intuitive lobby navigation, you can easily find the game you need.

Betfair takes good care of multi-tabling fans. Paired with visually appealing design, top-of-the-range software makes multi-tabling a truly delightful experience. Plus, you can click on “Join Similar” button to add the same table to your current session. There is more, though. iPoker network allows players to use helper software, such as Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, etc.

1. Rake and Cashback

Betfair uses SBR system to calculate rake. This is how it’s done. Net rake generated by the player is multiplied by various rates for deposits, cashouts, games played against weak players, etc. Depending on your final amount of rake, you’re given a certain percent of cashback. It should be mentioned that right after SBR had been adopted within Ipoker network, the final amount of rake (and cashback) used to be 1.5-2 less than the amount of net rake. In other words, 60% cashback calculated by using SBR system translated into as little as 30-40% real casback. As a result, the calculation formula was refined. Now, there are players whose SBR-rake equals to or even exceeds their real rake. Now, a 60% SBR cashback translates into a 50%-60% real cashback.

Here is how much monthly cashback you can count on:

50% SBR cashback (25-50% real cashback) is given to players who generated up to $500 of monthly rake.

55% SBR cashback (27,5-55% real cashback) is given to players who generated $500 to $1,499 of monthly rake.

60%  SBR cashback (30-60% real cashback) is given to players who generated over $1,500 of monthly rake.  

Cashback is credited to your account within the first 10 days of the month following a reporting month. For example, you’ll get your November cashback no later than December, 10.

Rake applied at different table limits:









HU: €1 | 3-10 players: €2



HU: €1 | 3-4 players: €2 | 5-10 players: €3



HU: €1 | 3-4 players: €2 | 5-10 players: €3



2-3 players: €2 | 4-10 players: €5


2. Promotions

Bonus on 1st deposit

On your 1st deposit, you get a 200% bonus up to €1,000. For example, if you credit your account with €10, the poker room will give you extra €20. To access this money, though, you’ll have to release your bonus first. The bonus is released within 45 days by €10 installments. Plus, 1st deposit bonus goes with 20% net cashback!

Once you’ve released your 1st deposit bonus, you get 50-60% SBR cashback (25-60% real cashback) + 20% of cashback on 1st deposit bonus. As a result, your real cashback reaches a whopping 45-80%!!!

Those are not all gifts for novice players! Make your 1st deposit and get a Welcome Pack: €5 for Twister Entry, €10 for tournaments and other Betfair events, and €10 Casino Bonus.

Twister Spin & Go

Twister Spin & Go is a sure way to skyrocket your bankroll. It’s your real chance to earn 1,000 more than you paid to participate in the tournament. Dream of winning a €10,000 jackpot? Download Betfair client software, click on “Twister” button on the left, and spin the wheel!

Here is how much you can win:












Sunday tournaments

Betfair Poker gives you an amazing opportunity to compete in exciting Sunday tournaments with a mouth-watering €150,000 prize pool. Buy-ins vary from €1 to €150.

Play more to boost your winning odds!

Affiliate rake race with 20,000$

Grab your chance to compete in a breathtaking monthly rake race. Each month, Betfair gives away $20,000 in prize money! Join now and aim for the victory!  

4. Traffic


Summing it up

Betfair Poker is a household name in online poker industry, with one the of the best cashback offers, field of players, and traffic. Betfair can boast a consistently high traffic at tables NL5 through NL1000. Located under one roof with an online casino and bookmaker, the poker room features plenty of inexperienced, yet reckless players.  

Cashback is probably the best thing about BetFair Poker. Prepare to take home 40-80% net cashback (80-160% SBR cashback) a month.  For each $100 of rake, you'll get 40-80$ back.

There is something we’d like to draw your attention to. In their offers, some poker rooms refer to SBR cashback, instead of net cashback.

In our offer, though, you see how much net cashback will be credited to your account every month.

Betfair encourages players in a number of other ways. With free deposit bankrolls, €100,000 freerolls and 20,000$ rake races, making money on poker has never been easier.

Software runs smoothly, delivering the best user experience. All features are intuitive and easy-to-use. Furthermore, you don’t need converters to use HM2/PT3/Hand2Note.

Guaranteed cashback, generous promotions, special offers, and gifts make Betfair Poker one of the best poker rooms out there.

Cashouts and deposits

When it comes to making a deposit, there’s nothing a beginning player cannot do. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a friendly user support team. To make deposits and withdrawals, choose from a wide selection of payment methods, including bank cards, bank accounts, e-payment systems, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Ukash, ClickandBuy, and Cheque.

Start playing at Betfair Poker!

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