Advantages of the poker room
  • Internal fixed cashback 36%
    Registered players get fixed 36% cashback in the room. The funds are transferred to your Intertops Poker account every day, in $10 increments. For example, if your daily cashback is $31, you will get 3 payments of $10 each. The remaining $1 will be pending till your cashback amount reaches another $10.
  • First deposit bonus 200% up to $1000
    Intertops is an American-Canadian poker room, which offers its new players a welcome 200% bonus, up to $1000. The bonus is paid out in $5 increments for 83,3 FPPs (Frequent Player Points). In cash games, $1 of rake equals 1 FPP. In tournaments, $1 of rake equals 7 FPP. The welcome bonus gives 6%-42% cashback and should be achieved within 90 days. Do not forget to enter the bonus code 1000ITP when making your first deposit!
  • Gold Chips bonuses
    Players are given an opportunity to earn Gold Chips in the room. Each 100 FPPs generate 1 golden chip. 20 chips can be exchanged for $5, 100 chips for $25, 400 chips for $100. To exchange chips for a money bonus, you should send a query “Gold Chips $x Bonus” to
  • Daily freerolls with guaranteed prize funds
    Register a free account, install the software and take part in daily freerolls with $1300 guarantee. For more information, visit
  • Weekly $4000 rake race
    Every week Intertops Poker offers $4000 for the top 100 places in the rake race. Just play your favourite game, participate automatically in the weekly race and get additional cashback! Leaderboard:
  • Additional reload bonuses
    From time to time the poker room grants its players with reload bonuses. Do not forget to check your e-mail that you provided when registering your account at Intertops. You can also request a reload bonus from poker room’s support team. For more information, visit
  • Monthly $1000 Depositor Freeroll
    A player who makes a deposit at Intertops Poker claims to participate in the $1000 Depositor Freeroll, which is held each month.
  • Weekly open freerolls
    Series of freerolls are held at Intertops every day for any player, without exception. Win money every day without risking your bankroll! The schedule of freerolls:
  • Very weak field with players from the USA and Canada
    Intertops allows official and direct registration of accounts from most countries, excluding Spain, France, and some of the American states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New-Jersey, New-York and Washington. Registration and playing from all the other American states is allowed! The peak traffic is late night hours and weekends. At this time, you will find a decent number of tables up to NL100, as well as a couple of NL200 tables, and sometimes an expensive play at NL600-NL2000.
Extra pluses
  • Partner $10000 rake race
    We organize a rake race together with a big foreign affiliate. For the amounts of guaranteed prize funds and participating poker rooms, visit Intertops section on our forum.
  • Free HUD for Hand2Note
    To get it, you need to:
    1. Leave a request in this topic
    2. Write to us in skype: zallyalexandra and send our manager a link to your request. You also need to provide a printscreen with your PokerAbility nickname.
  • Free pop-ups for HM2
    To get pop-ups, you need to confirm the registration in the poker room and then contact our manager in skype: SupportPA2, using this form:
    1. Your nickname at our website
    2. Your nickname in the poker room
    3. Poker room
  • Free statistics pack for NoteCaddy
    To get this pack, you should:
    1. Play in one of our partner poker rooms.
    2. Request a HUD in skype: PA NoteCaddy.
    3. Send your HM license key to track it to NoteCaddy pack.

Чтобы зарегистрироваться в руме с привязкой к PokerAbility, сделайте следующее:

1. Введите свой e-mail и получите инструкцию по регистрации
2. Пройдите регистрацию, выполняя все пункты инструкции
3. После регистрации введите свой логин и нажмите "Сохранить"

Внимание! Граждане Российской Федерации не могут получить доступ к ряду покер-румов в соответствии с требованиями РосКомНадзора.

One of the veterans of online poker industry, Intertops Poker welcomed its first players as early as 1996. Intertops Poker shares tables with Revolution network. Plus, it shares tables NL400+ with Juicy Stakes room. Take note that Intertops Poker handles its clients’ payments all by itself. Deposits and cash-outs are processed without delays, which can’t be said about Revolution poker rooms.

Traffic peaks when it’s late night and early morning in Moscow. Weekends are busy time, too. 

During peak hours, you can easily find over 6 tables under NL 100 with very poor players from the US and Canada. Finding 4-5 NL100 tables and a few NL 200 tables is not a problem either. NL400-NL2000 tables are not always available. Plus, they feature a weaker field of players compared to high-profile poker room networks. This is why Intertops Poker is an ideal place for bum hunting at NL400-NL2000.

Furthermore, Intertops Poker still offers HU games, and you can find a weak opponent for 1:1 game pretty easily.

PLO lovers can choose from a few PLO10-PLO50 tables and 3-4 PLO100 tables. At higher limits, traffic is low.

As for МТТs, be sure to check out a Sunday $10,000 tournament that features a pretty weak field of players. Even a rookie has a chance to land at the top of the ranking. Plus, Intertops Poker treats its МТТ clients to a bigger cashback. For $1 of generated rake, MTT players get 7 times (!) more FPPs than cash game players. The more FPPs you have, the faster you can release your deposit and reload bonuses. Plus, FPPs come with Gold Chips which can be exchanged for cash.  

Intertops Poker uses Cake software. Fast operation, visually appealing interface, and multiple settings deliver a smooth user experience. General settings are available in the lobby. The poker room software offers a standard set of features, including re-buy, buy-in and gameplay options. All tables deliver consistent performance. Re-sizing feature comes in very handy.

The poker room supports HM2/PT, which means you won’t need any additional converters.

All in all, the software works correctly and caters to an ever-expanding array of players' needs.


1. Rake and Cashback

Intertops Poker gives 36% of cashback on any rake amount. For each $100 of rake, you’ll get $36 back. Cashbacks are paid in $10 installments on a daily basis. 

Let’s take an example. If your daily cashback is $31, you’ll get 3 payouts, $10 each. The remaining $1 will be paid with the next $10 installment. Cashbacks are provided to both tournament and cash game players.  

Here is how much rake the poker room takes at different tables:



HU Cap

3-4max Cap


5-10max Cap

NL2 – NL20












NL5k and higher







2. Special Offers & Promotions

1st deposit bonus

Intertops Poker welcomes novices with a 200% bonus on the 1st deposit up to $1,000. For example, if you credit your account with $100, the poker room will give you extra $200.

The bonus amount is paid in $5 installments. To receive bonus payouts, though, you need to collect Frequent Player Points. To receive $5, you need to collect 83 FPP. In cash games, $1 of rake is worth 1 FPP. Tournament players have more luck: for $1 of rake, they get 7 FPPs.

Welcome bonus comes with a 6-42% cashback. You’ll have 90 days to release your welcome bonus.  

At Intertops Poker, the minimum deposit amount is $25.

When making your first deposit, don’t forget to enter the bonus code 1000ITP!

Reload bonuses

From time to time, Intertops Poker treats its clients to reload bonuses. To quality for reload bonuses, you need to tie your account to your current email address and sign up for Intertops Poker newsletter.  

Gold Chips bonuses

For each 100 FPPs, you’re rewarded with 1 Gold Chip. Collect 20,100, or 400 Gold Chips and exchange them for $5, $25, or $100, respectively. For exchange, send a request “Gold Chips $x Bonus” to

To earn more FPPs for $1 of rake, you need to play more and gain higher statuses in the loyalty program.  

Weekly $4,000 rake race

Every week, Intertops Poker gives away $4,000 to 100 top players. Enjoy your fave game, compete in weekly races and earn extra cashback!  

Daily freerolls with guaranteed prize pool  

Intertops launches a series of daily freerolls which are available to all players. You can be the next winner!  

Monthly $1,000 Depositor Freeroll

By making a deposit of any size within a month, you get a chance to participate in Depositor Freeroll with $1,000 prize pool. The competition is held every month.

Monthly $20,000 affiliate rake race

Exclusively for our players, Intertops Poker holds an affiliate rake race with a whopping $20,000 prize pool. Top 350 players get from $2.5 to $1,250!

Known for its generous gifts, Intertops gives you a guaranteed 36% cashback, plus up to 41% of extra cashback through multiple bonuses, rake races, and promotions!   


4. Traffic

Workdays morningdaynight
Weekends morningdaynight.

5. Conclusion & Major Advantages  

Intertops Poker attracts plenty of fish from the US and Canada that are throwing money across tables of all limits.

Players are encouraged in a number of different ways. Plus, a guaranteed 36% cashback + up to 41% of extra cashback make Intertops Poker a pretty good additional source of income.  

Reliable and intuitive, the software allows players to use HM2/PT without any additional converters. 

If you’re playing under NL100 at nightime, this poker room has all chances to become your major playground. If you’re playing NL200+, you can use it as an additional platform to hunt weak players from the US and Canada.


6. Registration

To register a new account, follow the instruction. It’s easy and won’t take you long. To make a cash-out, you only need a passport.


7. Deposits and cash-outs

For deposits and cash-outs, you can choose from a variety of popular payment methods, including Skrill, Neteller, bank card, and e-wallet.

Withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours. If you’re using a bank card, prepare for it to be checked by the poker room’s security. It’s a standard routine, so don’t worry. For this purpose, be sure to submit your current phone number during registration. If you prefer Skrill or any other payment system, make sure that it uses the same email that you use for your Intertop Poker account.   

For more information on deposits and withdrawals, go here.

Start playing at Intertops Poker! 

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