Advantages of the poker room
  • Internal cashback in the room, up to 40%
    Unibet operates an internal VIP system, which allows to return up to 40% cashback.
  • First deposit bonus 100% up to €200
    Upon making the first deposit of any size up to €500, you will get an equal amount as a bonus, which corresponds to 35% cashback.
  • Monthly missions
    Take part in internal missions for cash players and earn additional cashback!
  • Very weak playing field
    Such poker software as HM/PT does not function at Unibet, which resulted in a significant decrease in regular players. The playing tables therefore look like a game offline, with lots of fish players and weak regular players. If you are a skilled player, ready to play without HUD, you will have a huge advantage over weak opponents.
  • A set of daily freerolls
    Unibet holds over a score of freerolls under their promotion Frenzy Freeroll for all players without exception.
  • Players from Russia are presently not admitted!
    If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, you may not get access to register at Unibet due to its internal poker room’s regulations. Citizens of other CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc.) can register without any restrictions.
Extra pluses
  • $5000 rake race for our players
    After registering from PokerAbility, you will take part in the private rake race with $2500 guarantee! Immediately upon registration, you will take part in three races at the same time and be able to get to prize places in all of them!
  • Monthly $55000 race
    By registering at Unibet from PokerAbility, you automatically become a participant of the monthly rake race with $55000 guarantee! Check the leaderboard here. In case you have questions concerning the rake race, feel free to ask them in a special topic on our forum.
  • $40000 rake race for our players
    Register from PokerAbility and participate in a private monthly rake race with $40000 guarantee! Check the leaderboard here. If you have questions about this rake race, feel free to ask them in a special теме on our forum.
  • $10000 partner rake race
    We hold a rake race in partnership with a big foreign affiliate. Check the amount of guaranteed funds and participating poker rooms in a special thread Unibet section on our forum.
  • Free HUD for Hand2Note
    To get it, you need to
    1) 1) Leave a request in this topic
    2) Write to us in skype: zallyalexandra and send our manager a request in this topic, as well as a printscreen showing your nickname at our website and that you have logged in to PokerAbility.
  • Free pop-ups for HM2
    To get pop-ups, you need to confirm the registration in the poker room and then contact our manager in skype: SupportPA2, using this form:
    1. Your nickname at our website
    2. Your nickname in the poker room
    3. Poker room
  • Free statistics pack for NoteCaddy
    To get this pack, you need to 1) Play in one of our partner rooms 2) Send us a query to get a HUD via skype: PA NoteCaddy 3) Send us your HM license key to track it to NoteCaddy pack

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Внимание! Граждане Российской Федерации не могут получить доступ к ряду покер-румов в соответствии с требованиями РосКомНадзора.
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